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26 mei 2024 om 19:52 Langer moeten wachten voordat eten er was. Tijd die erop stond na bestelling was korter dan uiteindelijke aankomst. Broodje kebab nauwelijks saus. Voor de rest alles lekker en in orde.
24 mei 2024 om 20:11 Another great dinner and ready for takeaway so fast!
22 mei 2024 om 20:50 Went with kepab today...and it was great! :D
22 mei 2024 om 8:50 gemakkelijke website, op het afgesproken uur geleverd en de bestelling altijd helemaal correct
21 mei 2024 om 20:11 Another great meal! And ready for pick up the moment I walked in. Thanks! :D
21 mei 2024 om 6:46 Was heel lekker. Maar levertijd duurde wel lang.
19 mei 2024 om 18:01 A delicious meal at the end of a long hard day! Thank you! :D
17 mei 2024 om 19:49 WoW!! So much kip and frits in my takeaway order and so good too! Thanks :D
15 mei 2024 om 20:30 An enjoyable meal that was ready on time for pick up! :D
14 mei 2024 om 21:54 Order a combo this time of kip and gyro meat...fantastic! It was ready the moment I walked in and was still nice and hot when I got back to have dinner :D
13 mei 2024 om 20:52 Another great meal! I placed my order and started walking to pick it up and they were kind enough to call me right away to say it was going to be a bit late. No problem! Once I walked in, it was all set at the promised time. Thanks! :D
12 mei 2024 om 20:37 Not only was the food great but its presentation was great also! It was my first time getting a meal at De Ster and I will go back again :D